Tuesday, February 27

have i come too casually?
because it seems to me
there's something i've neglected
how does one approach a deity with informality
and still protect the sacred
cuz you came and chose to wear the skin of all of us
and it's easy to forget you left a throne

and the line gets blurry all the time
between daily and divine
it's hard to know the difference

let me not forget to tremble.
let me not forget to tremble.
face down on the ground, do i dare to take the liberty to stare at you?
hello. well, here i am. i'm here now. this is where i am. welcome, me.

"He has a shoe, and I have a pot, but when we look deeper there's more that we got, God made us special and now I can see, if you're special to him then you're special to me. Love your neighbor, when someone helps you then you'll understand, when you love your neighbor, loving means lending a hand!"
-Junior Asparagus - Veggie Tales